How to Make your First Day a GREAT Day!

We often put so much effort into finding a job that we forget to properly prepare for our first day at our new job. Many people are both excited and nervous to start a new position. You don’t always know what to expect on your very first day, but the key is to be prepared for anything.

The Beginning

In the morning, try to wake up at a time that allows you to get dressed and still get to work early. Make sure your clothing choice is appropriate for your position and that you are in dress code. If you have to question it, don’t wear it. Pack your lunch and any other items you may need.  Bringing items like your social security card, driver license, or birth certificate can make the paper work process much smoother. Leave early enough to still get to work early even if traffic is bad. Once you get to the office, smile and report to your manager. Make sure you acknowledge everyone you meet with a bright smile and firm handshake. Be eager to learn and ready to listen.

The Middle

During your first day of work you will more than likely undergo training from a manager of supervisor. Here are a few ways to make the best out of training:

  1. Take notes –Always take notes during training so you can go back to them when you need help.
  2. Ask Questions – Don’t hold back on questions. Ask as many as you need in order to understand everything.
  3. Pay Attention – Training can be long and rigorous, but stay with it and soak up as much as possible.

If you are not in training and you are thrown right into the job, don’t get scared. Do your best and ask as many questions as you need to do your job correctly. Do not get frustrated if you cannot figure something out. Remember, it is just your first day and no one expects you to be perfect.

During lunch time try to be social and get to know your co-workers better. Tell them a little about yourself and see where you fit in. Work is always better when you get along with your co-workers.

The End

At the end of your first day make sure you chat with your manager before leaving. Tell them about your experience and what you have learned so far. Make a list of questions to ask them in case you still need something covered. Always ask them if there is anything you can help with before you make an exit. Thank them again for allowing you to join their team to show your manager you are appreciative. Make sure you tidy up your work space before you leave and attempt to say your goodbyes to everyone who assisted you on your first day to make a great impression.

By doing these minor things, you are sure to have a great and smooth first day of work! If you are looking for a job to start, head over to our job board to find your next position. Apply on our website and one of our recruiters will be in touch!