Where Many Lose Points when Presenting Themselves in the Job Interview

So, you are interviewing for the job of your dreams and you have spent days preparing for it.  You go in and answer every question to your best ability. You leave feeling confident thinking they would be crazy not to make you an offer. A few days go by and you get a call saying they decided on another candidate! You are confused because you just knew your interview went good.  You think what could possibly have made them choose someone over you!

Unfortunately this scenario happens to the best of us. Many are unaware of the small interview mistakes we often make. Common nonverbal mistakes made at a job interview can be a determining factor between you and another qualified individual.  33% of employers claim they know if they will hire someone within the first 30 seconds of the interview. Although many of these gestures may seem minor, they can make a huge impact on employers. Below are the top 10 nonverbal mistakes that keep people from landing the job!


  1. 9% of mistakes go to: TOO MANY HAND GESTURES

Some of us are very animated when we talk. Using hand gestures may come natural and help you communicate effectively. At an interview over using hand gestures can be a turn off to the person that is interviewing you. Try to keep your hand gestures to a minimum. Try holding your hands in your lap while you speak instead.


  1. 21% of mistakes go to: CROSSED ARMS

Although it may not be intentional, when you cross your arms across your chest you may give off a negative vibe. It may seem like you are mildly irritated, bothered or just not interested. When in an interview you want to seem as positive as possible so it’s best not to cross your arms.


  1. 26% of mistakes go to: A WEAK HANDSHAKE

A handshake leaves a huge impression on people. Be sure your handshake is firm every time you shake someone’s hand. Do not crush their hand, but also do not give them a limp handshake ever!


  1. 33% of mistakes go to BAD POSTURE/ FIDGETING

Too much moving around gives the impression that you are nervous. It can make the employer uncomfortable and makes you look uneasy. Stay calm and relaxed by avoiding too much movement.

Bad posture is a complete turn off. It makes you look uninterested and a little too relaxed.  Maintain good posture at all times to remain looking professional.


  1. 38% of mistakes go to QUALITY OF VOICE/GRAMMAR

When speaking always use correct English. Stay away from slang and use complete sentences. You want to look educated and professional and bad grammar makes you look the complete opposite.

Use a clear and loud voice when speaking. It portrays confidence which always looks good. If you speak unclear or too low the interviewer may have a hard time understanding you or think you are too nervous. Speaking loud and clear is an important part in effectively communicating.


  1. 47% of mistakes go to HAVING NO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE JOB

No employer wants to hire someone who couldn’t take 20 minutes to research their company. Before you go to any interview you should familiarize yourself with the job position and the company. Read their mission statement, learn about their company culture, and discover what it is they really do and who they really help. You should know the basics about the business before you enter the interview.  This makes you look sharp, interested, and it can make you stand out amongst others competing for the same job.


  1. 55% of mistakes go to HOW YOU WALK IN THE FRONT DOOR

Your interview begins the moment you pull into the parking lot. You are being critiqued on how you carry yourself the entire time you are on the premises. Be sure to enter the site with a smile on your face and a positive attitude. Have your physical appearance altogether and be ready to make a good impression.


  1. 65% of mistakes go to YOUR CLOTHING

Dressing is a critical aspect of job interviews. Employers do not want someone dressed too casual or too trendy. Always take the professional route with a nice suite, a nice clean button down, or polo with slacks.


  1. 67% of mistakes go to FAILURE TO MAKE EYE CONTACT

Making eye contact is crucial. It shows confidence and is a sign of respect. When speaking to the interviewer do not look down or look away constantly. Look the person in the eye so that they can feel what you are saying. This gives them a chance to truly connect with you and get a feel for the type of person you are.


1.70% of mistakes go to DRESSING TOO FASHIONABLE

Employers are not looking for the trendiest candidate. You do not have to wear your coolest outfit to the job interview. Remember it is much more important to look professional than fashionable or trendy as this is a turn off to employers. Keep it simple, clean cut and professional!



Employers are taking many points from non verbal mistakes. Studies show only 7% of what you say is considered when they are docking you during the interview. This means what you do and how you act is twice as important. It takes more than great answers to get the job. Make sure you are prepared in all areas because employers are analyzing you the moment you enter the building.

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