A Prodigious Pubcon 2015

Pubcon 2015“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” – Pubcon 2015

Learning from the top SEO creative minds at pubcon 2015 was invigorating. From top CEO’s of marketing firms to the all inspiring Jordan Koene with Searchmetrics; Pubcon proved to be worth the travel.

Obtaining a better undestanding of the ins and outs of SEO and strategies was the key goal of the conference. From learning neurosience based information to the  array of tools available to track your audience was advantageous. Mindy Weinstein, from Bruce Clay, laid a yellow brick road with tools appropriate to measure your success with keywords, publishing the right content, and knowing your audience. To follow on that path, Steve Floyd, also provided great instruction on local to hyperlocal content as well as essential advice on creating content.

Understanding that content is like cooking and being aware of your ingredients creates the best ‘dish’ for a winning SEO. William Leake said it best “Begin at the end” referring to focusing on the end goal then concentrating on the essentials to get to the finish line. Such a strong suggestion to those of us who are building that ‘dish’ and accumulating those ingredients.

The take away was to be deliberate. Be consistent, patient, honest, and your organic SEO strategy will thrive. Overall, the conference for our team was inspirational and profitable for our future in a creative SEO strategy.