Blues Brews & BBQ Charity Success for Gillis Sound Booth

Kansas City, MO

Over 10,000 dollars raised for the Gillis Children’s sound booth; We call that a success.

Saturday September 17, 2016 was a day to remember for our annual Blues Brews & BBQ charity event. Many came out and enjoyed a day of music, good food, and contributed to a great cause; the Gillis sound booth! The Gillis Booth is an electronic music program to provide Gillis kids with one-on-one recording sessions and student-lead songwriting in a high-tech, intuitive music production environment.

“Music is a tool through which youth process their emotional experience
. Often difficult emotions such as love, grief, rage and empathy can be given space to exist within the familiarity of rhythm and harmony. In this way music serves as an essential survival tool, and access to this tool is something that we feel should be considered a basic human right.”-Gillis

The 10.000 dollars raised will contribute to a years worth of music hours in the booth for the children. Oh the many & wonderful memories and albums that will come from the Gillis booth!

Thank you to all who came out and supported this wonderful gift for Gillis children.

For more information on the Gillis booth & the Blues Brews & BBQ event, check it out here.