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How to Make your First Day a GREAT Day!

We often put so much effort into finding a job that we forget to properly prepare for our first day at our new job. Many people are both excited and nervous to start a new position. You don’t always know what to expect on your very first day, but the key is to be prepared … Continued

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Tips to be an Ideal Applicant

  At J.M Neil and Associates we believe in bringing out the best in all of our applicants. We want all of their strengths and unique talents to be at the forefront and lead them to their dream job. In order to get to that level, certain steps can be taken to ensure you are … Continued

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‘YOU’ in your Resume: Staffing Agency in Kansas City, MO

Is your personality in your Resume? JMN, your leading provider in the Staffing industry are here to help you inserting a sense of ‘YOU’ into your resume leaving a lasting impression! No matter the format you use, the most important quality that is portrayed is you! There are multiple formats that can be utilized such … Continued

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Top 5 Resume Tips

Utilize these top 5 resume tips to improve your image on paper. Writing a resume can be an overwhelming task. They can become too lengthy, oversold, understated, and diffused. Simply setting aside time, working with a partner, or seeking out professional help to improve your resume could advance your future career goals. Here are 5 … Continued

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