Why Your Company Needs a Data Analyst (or several)

Why is Data Important?

Every business has data that can be used to increase productivity, profit, and growth. Data helps your company know what customers to target, what marketing campaigns are working, how to improve the financial situation of the company, what problems to solve, and where the opportunities are to grow. Whether it’s as simple as analyzing social media posts to visualizing profit margins across the globe; data analytics touches companies, big or small.

What do Data Analysts do?

Data Analysts use software and tools to analyze the data, filter the data to the most pressing matters, and present the data in a way that creates actionable solutions.

A way to look at it is that there’s a lot of different data. There’s data on sales, customers, marketing, finance, social media, and every other aspect of your business. These are represented in the different shapes and colors in the image below. What Data Analysts do is sort through all the data, figure out what’s most important, and then present the information they gathered like the second image below.



Why do you need to hire the right person? 

Data is most valuable when it’s processed, analyzed, and presented. That takes the right person. The ideal person is someone who understands your business, concerns, culture, and how to present information in a way that you can understand. You could hire the smartest candidate but if they don’t know how to communicate with you and your team then the information they gather won’t be effective.