Managing Your Monday


Managing your Monday’s can be the difference in your week.

Have you ever started out a Monday and felt you could not catch your groove? Start your Monday with these five tips to get on track!

1.  Complete your most important tasks first– List two to three items that are most crucial for that day and focus only on those until completed. Then move on to the rest of your list and your day has already started successfully.

2. Don’t Procrastinate– it only leads to larger amounts of work in the end which leads to a more stressful Monday. As the old saying goes “Why put off until tomorrow when you can do it today?” – unknown

3. Commit to your plan-Focus on the tasks at hand! Try to not get sidetracked or derailed from your plan. It is a simple step, but highly over looked and can create a sense of completion if you adhere to your schedule.

4. Set yourself up-Create tasks for your next workday before you leave the office. Generating speed to get more done and creating a head start on your most important tasks.

5. Enjoy Work-Work can be a mix of both production and play. Take time to enjoy what you do. Even in the midst of a busy work schedule, taking the time to be happy in your daily activities (including work) should be the goal we all reach after.

These simple steps could boost your production and allow for less time spend on miscellaneous things. Allowing for more time and quality of work. Be the motivated Monday goer and get more done!