Referrals: Best source of Hire


Referrals can become your top source for candidate search. Recruiters utilize a variety of sources to find candidates and one of the most useful tools is the favorable referral.

Referral hires have greater job satisfaction and stay longer at companies – 46% stay over 1 year, 45% over 2 years and 47% over 3 years.

In today’s world its about who you know and how you are connected that leads to most opportunities. As a company or recruiter, building rappor with your candidates or employees can yield a qualified candidate for a future position. Below are top reasons to pay heed to referrals.

1. Timing. Research shows that applicants that came from a referral will start their new position sooner than their counterpart.

2.  Last Longer. Research also shows that referrals have higher job satisfaction and longevity with their companies.

3. Satisfaction. Employees and recruiters felt referrals were the number one source for quality as well as fit the prospective companies values and culture.

While career site and searches still hold a great value on finding candidates and employees, referrals held top rank for best fits in most situations.


For more information visit JobVites on their research on referrals.