‘YOU’ in your Resume: Staffing Agency in Kansas City, MO

Is your personality in your Resume?

JMN, your leading provider in the Staffing industry are here to help you inserting a sense of ‘YOU’ into your resume leaving a lasting impression!

No matter the format you use, the most important quality that is portrayed is you! There are multiple formats that can be utilized such as paper, online, and video but most importantly have personality present. Allowing your prospective employer or recruiter to have a sense of you can determine if your a great fit for the company and to utilize your true skills.

Be EffectiveStaffing Agency in Kansas City, MO

When listing details in your resume be descriptive. Do not simply state that you are flexible, but go into detail as to how you are flexible. From this example, you can see how detail matters.  “Flexible team player who thrives in environments requiring ability to effectively prioritize and juggle multiple concurrent projects.”

Allowing for YOU to show through

Listing your previous work experience as well as your descriptive qualities is essential to your future career. However, so is adding a flare of your hobbies. Company culture is important in today’s workforce and allowing them to have insight into a few hobbies or passions could allude to a perfect fit for the company. Take into consideration the amount of verbiage you use on your hobbies as you do not want to confuse your main point for interviewing.

YOU are an asset and have much to offer. Bring your personality in your resume as well as into your interview.

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