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Telecommunications in Kansas City, MO

Thanks to telecommunications, our world is at your fingertips! Being able to have instant access to a conversation via email, text, phone call, or video communication is all due to this wonderful word- Telecommunications. Simply put, Telecommunications is a universal term that is used for a vast range of information-transmitting technologies such as mobile phones, … Continued

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Field Technician 1 in Raleigh, NC

Experienced Field Technicians, we’re looking for you! Field Technicians are the road warriors of the telecom industry. These individuals travel to assess and troubleshoot equipment in the wireless field.  Technician One’s are expected to receive, analyze, and resolve problems within the wireless network in a timely manner with assistance from higher level technicians or supervisor … Continued

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Construction Project Manager in Kansas City

Unique Construction Project Manager opportunity in Kansas City. Have a knack for small cell development and a background in Construction Project Management? Then JMN has what you are looking for! Construction Project Managers will be in charge of design deployment for small cells in the Midwest having to plan, coordinate, and oversee sites. Do you have … Continued

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Site Acquisition Manager in Atlanta, GA

Hot, Hot, Hot, off the press is the Site Acquisition Manager opportunity in Atlanta, GA! In the telecommunications industry seeking a Site Acquisition Manager opportunity? Today is your day! JMN is seeking a professional having experience in coordinating telecommunications site acquisitions and leasing activities on behalf of their organization. Do you posses strong management skills? … Continued

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‘YOU’ in your Resume: Staffing Agency in Kansas City, MO

Is your personality in your Resume? JMN, your leading provider in the Staffing industry are here to help you inserting a sense of ‘YOU’ into your resume leaving a lasting impression! No matter the format you use, the most important quality that is portrayed is you! There are multiple formats that can be utilized such … Continued

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Top 5 Resume Tips

Utilize these top 5 resume tips to improve your image on paper. Writing a resume can be an overwhelming task. They can become too lengthy, oversold, understated, and diffused. Simply setting aside time, working with a partner, or seeking out professional help to improve your resume could advance your future career goals. Here are 5 … Continued

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