Tips to be an Ideal Applicant


At J.M Neil and Associates we believe in bringing out the best in all of our applicants. We want all of their strengths and unique talents to be at the forefront and lead them to their dream job. In order to get to that level, certain steps can be taken to ensure you are an ideal and qualified applicant. Below are a few small tips that can make you stand out and make you the best.

Email Etiquette

Recruiters are consistently receiving emails from a broad collection of people. Certain small gestures can make you stand out and also be helpful to the recruiter. When sending an email, always make sure that you place a header in the subject line. It makes it easier for the recruiter to reference your email as necessary, and it helps them to know what you are trying to accomplish. At the end of your email, always provide contact information.  Double-check spelling errors and make sure any attachments are attached before hitting send. Try to keep your email address simple and professional, it is helpful for the recruiter and makes you look sharp. Signatures are always a nice touch to have on your email too! Also, remember to leave text lingo/slang out of emails and keep it professional at all times.

Dress for Success

We all know first impressions are EVERYTHING. This means the first time you meet someone you are being judged. Professional clothing can give a great first impression to any employer. When a recruiter lands you a job interview, you are representing them and yourself. Wearing the right attire can make you stand out amongst competition, present yourself as a true professional, and show that you care about how people perceive you. Take pride in your appearance and represent yourself and your recruiter in the best light!

Be Honest

Recruiters pour so much time and energy into helping applicants. One of the worst things than can happen is working with an applicant that isn’t 100% truthful. Be sure to clarify everything with your recruiter from education to recent employment. Being honest enables the recruiter to be as effective as possible for your next best opportunity in your career search.  Being dishonest leads to wasted valuable time, money and resources. Be upfront with your recruiter and put it all out on the table.

Prepare Yourself

Preparing yourself can save a ton of time. Make sure you are prepared with references, resumes, and any information that might be of priority. If you have business cards always have some prepared to give to the recruiter. Make sure you have practiced your basic interview questions as well so you can be prepared for a wide range of questions. All of this will not only make you look well polished, but it will also help your recruiter process you smoothly.


Highlight your strengths on your resume

Recruiters go through many resumes on a daily bases. Making your resume reflect your strengths is super important and very helpful to the recruiter. When you highlight your strengths, you are helping the recruiter discover exactly what you are good at and where you would be a great fit. It is difficult for a recruiter to have a resume that does not directly state the applicant’s abilities. Make your strengths easy to locate and ensure they are communicated well on your resume.

Be Available

Being flexible and available will help the recruiter get your foot in the door much faster. Answering phone calls readily, replying to emails fast and being available for interviews are great ways to impress your recruiter and make their job easier. At the end of the day, they want to be of assistance to you and they can only do that if you are available.


Hopefully these tips help you become the ideal applicant. J.M Neil & Associates is relentless when it comes to searching for their next best qualified professional who possess these traits. Check out our job board to apply for your next great job! One of our recruiters will be happy to help you jump into your new job.